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Assessor's Office

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2023 Personal Property Assesment Form

2023 Farm Form


County Assessor

The County Assessor is an elected office with a term of 4 years. The assessor's primary responsibility is the appraisal of real estate and personal property, and the management of tasks associated with county taxes.

All property shall be appraised annually as of the first day of July at its true and actual value. The assessor shall obtain from every person who is liable to assessment a full and correct description of all personal property. Assessors are required to visit all real estate at least once every three years but all property is to be at market value on an annual basis. The assessor shall finish the work of assessment and complete the land and personal property books not later than the 30th day of January. Land and personal property books are to be completed in time to submit to the Board of Equalization and Review no later than the first day of February of that assessment year. The assessor and assistants shall attend the Board of Equalization and Review and render any possible assistance in connection with the valuation of property.

The assessor shall annually, not later than the third day of March, furnish to the Recorder or Clerk of Cities and Towns, Secretary to the Board of Education, State Board of Education, and the County Commission, along with Public Utilities, certification of the assessed values for the current year. The levying bodies are required to use these values to prepare their budget estimates and lay the levies. Once levy rates are certified to the Auditor, they are certified to the Assessor and are entered into the computer to allow the Sheriff to print tax tickets. Assessors determine values and in turn, the levies set by levying bodies, including excess levies, determine tax revenue.

Click Here to View Map

Search Parcels by Parcel ID, Owner and Address.

View and Print Maps containing Monroe County parcels, roads, hydrography, soils and aerial imagery. View parcel's Parcel ID, Owner, legal description, neighborhood, deed book and page, appraised land value, appraised building value and appraised total by clicking on the parcel with the select tool. To measure area or distance use the Measure feature in the Task List drop down menu on the upper right corner.

Our maps are produced from the Plats and Deeds recorded in the County Clerk's office. If it is not recorded it will not be shown on the map. While we map our maps as accurate as possible, they are only as accurate as the surveys for the parcel. If the lot has not been surveyed for 100 years it will not be as accurate as more modern surveys.

If there is a recorded subdivision that has not been added to the map then it either missed the June 30th cutoff date for that tax year or the plat was recorded but no deed has yet been recorded that transferred any portion of the platted parcels. Per the West Virginia State Code, we are not allowed to place any subdivision on the maps and assign parcel Identification numbers until a transfer occurs. Please note that a plat does not transfer anything. It is simply a representation of the subdivision. It is Deeds that transfer property.

Duties of the Assessor:

  • List all properties exempt from taxation, such as that owned by federal, state, county or local governments: property used for public or charitable purposes, property used for school, and property used for worship.
  • Collect county dog taxes.
  • Determine eligibility of property owners for Homestead and Disability Exemptions
  • Maintain tax maps and property records to make them available to the public.
  • Collect farm-use decal permit fees.
  • Collect farm statistics annually and report to the commissioner of agriculture.
  • Annually complete a sales ratio analysis.
  • Assist the tax commission by providing information with respect to taxation, classification, and valuation of non-utility and public utility property to accomplish a uniform appraisal and assessment of real property.
  • Prepare cost studies and update land values on an annual basis.

Assessor's Office


Sarah  F. Martin Sarah F. Martin
Cheryl Clarkson Cheryl Clarkson
Deputy Assessor, Personal Property
Jewell  Neel Jewell Neel
Deputy Assessor, Real Estate
Tisha Terry Tisha Terry
Chief Field Appraiser
Jordan Huffman Jordan Huffman
Field Appraiser