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Personal Property

Personal Property consists of Vehicles, Dish TV's, Swimming Pools, Mobile Homes, ATV's, and so on. The following are a few common questions in regards to Personal Property.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Tax Sale

I purchased a vehicle but it is not listed on my tax statement?

Did you purchase the vehicle before July 1 of the previous year? If you did not purchase it before July 1 of the previous year then it will not be on this years tax ticket. If you did purchase it on or before July 1 of the previous year then you need to visit the Assessor's office.

There is a vehicle that I did not own on July 1 of the previous year what should I do?

 You need to go to the Assessor's Office in order to straighten this out.

I received a supplemental tax ticket from the Assessor, can I pay this in halves as well?

 Yes, Only if it is the current year taxes, and they have not became delinquent.

I lost my receipt where I paid my Personal Property Taxes, can you give me another?

 Yes, we can print you another receipt, however it will cost a dollar per receipt.

Can you fax me a copy of my Personal Property Receipt?

 No, due to previous problems we do not fax any tax receipts.

When do personal property become delinquent? Also, do they incur Publication fees & Interest on this date?

The common thought among county residents are that taxes go delinquent on April 30th. However, this is incorrect! West Virginia State Code defines the date of delinquency as April 1st. Publication fees & Interest are not added until May 1st.

What can you do, outside of publishing my name in the paper, if my personal property is delinquent?

West Virginia State code grants the Sheriff the right to repossess the vehicle until the taxes are paid, however this has never been placed into practice. The code also states that the Sheriff can sue the tax payers that are delinquent. Along with the DMV offices we reject anyone's license renewal that has delinquent taxes.

I realized after May 1st that I have not paid my Personal Property taxes!
Will my name be published in the paper?

On May 1st publication fees and interest are added to your taxes. However, if you come in shortly after May 1st your taxes will be $3.00 higher (including publication fees & interest) to have your name removed from the list. This fee will be kept on till the list is taken to the Monroe Watchman.

Can I come in after the Delinquent lists are taken to the Watchman and have my name remove if I pay?

No. State Code says that once the lists have been delivered to the Newspaper office there can be no changes.