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Magistrates run for four-year terms in non-partisan elections in West Virginia. Monroe County has two active Magistrates. The role of a Magistrate is to oversee the enforcement of state laws and the application of criminal and civil court procedures.

Magistrates have jurisdiction over civil cases in which the financial amount is less than $10,000.00, including wrongful occupations, unlawful detainers, and detinue filings. Civil actions are subject to filing fees.

The Court conducts misdemeanor cases, felony preliminary hearings, and fugitive initial rights. Magistrates have the authority to issue complaints, arrest warrants, and search warrants; as well as, set bail.  The Magistrate has the final decision on plea agreements and sentencing. Emergency protective orders, temporary emergency protective orders, and personal safety orders are issued by Magistrates.

Citations issued from the Sheriff’s Department, State Police, and DNR are addressed in Magistrate Court. To appear on a citation, contact the Magistrate Court via phone for No Contest pleas and appear in-person for Not Guilty or Guilty pleas. Credit card payments can be made online or in person; cash in person; check or money orders in person or by mail. Payment plans and verifications are handled in the Magistrate Clerk’s Office.

Pay Fines and Fees Online

All Magistrate Court appeals are heard in Circuit Court. Appeal paperwork can be obtained from the Magistrate Court Clerk.

Magistrates work under the administrative supervision of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia.

 Magistrate Court Forms 

Domestic Violence Petitions and Personal Safety Petitions must be obtained directly from the Magistrate Court or the Family Resource Center.

 Information on DVP Orders 

 Civil Court Procedure 

Criminal Court Procedure



Office Hours                                     

Monday – Friday                                

8:30AM – 4:30PM 

Mailing Address          Physical Address

PO Box 4                        500 Main Street

Union, WV 24983          Union, WV 24983

Magistrate                     Magistrate Clerk

304-772-3176                 304-772-3321

304-772-4614 (fax)        304-772-4357 (fax)



Magistrate's Office


Kevin Miller Kevin Miller
Frank Basile Frank Basile
Jeanne Gullette Jeanne Gullette
Magistrate Court Clerk
Amber Clarkson Amber Clarkson
Magistrate Assistant
Lara Thompson Lara Thompson
Magistrate Assistant